Houston Real Estate Branding Session | Monica and Amber

Monica and Amber were such a fun duo! We spent the afternoon at 201 Lofthaus in Downtown Houston for Monica’s branding session and Amber came along to join in on the fun and get some headshots done herself. Monica is a loan officer and Amber is an insurance broker so they liked the home vibe the studio had to offer. We were able to capture a variety of headshots in multiple rooms of the house as well as some working shots on their phones and laptops.

We started in the kitchen where Monica wore a fun and bold printed top paired with a cute orange hat. Amber’s first outfit was a black top with a dark green blazer that really stood out against the neutral kitchen aesthetic. Then we moved into the living room where Monica wore a bold pink top paired with jeans and a black blazer and Amber wore a lavender top + blazer combo with a fitted black pencil skirt. We were able to capture a large variety of shots on the couch, chairs, kitchen island, fireplace, stairs and neutral headshots in front of the white brick wall. We finished upstairs with some working shots of Monica in the home office incorporating props like her phone, laptop and planner.

I absolutely love in home branding sessions and 201 Lofthaus is one of my favorite studios since it has lots natural light and unique spaces to fit everyone’s needs! Be sure to reach out HERE if you are interested in booking a branding or headshot session!

Branding and headshot session in home kitchen in Houston, Texas by Mary Beth Photography

August 29, 2023