My Top 10 Favorite Engagement Session Images

As we close out 2023, I love looking back on my favorite images as I get ready to update my website and welcome in the new year. It was incredibly hard narrowing down my favorite engagement session images to just 10 (sets) as many more deserve to be highlighted in this post. I have an overshoot and overdeliver problem and because I have such a hard time narrowing it down to begin with, it’s much harder narrowing down all the images I’ve delivered over the years.

As you can see, I am a total sucker for the wide dramatic images that showcase both the couple as well as the location. While only a small part of my client galleries contain these wide pulled back shots, they are always my top favorite! As a true to color photographer, I love nature and the golden glow, especially when the sun shines through the trees. Anything that shows off the glow also instantly makes it into my favorites list.

As far as posing, the nose-to-nose, forehead-to-forehead and kissing shots while standing facing each other are a personal favorite of mine. I love how romantic and intimate it is to capture those genuine moments of connection. They not only highlight the physical closeness but also reveal the emotional bond between each other, freezing a fleeting moment of shared affection. Those soft smiles and intimate poses capture truly timeless images, ones that will last a lifetime.

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Couple standing belly button to belly button while smiling at each other with her hand on his chest and standing in the middle of a field surrounded by trees and nature with the sun glowing off the trees all around them at Brazos Bend State Park in Houston, Texas

December 12, 2023