5 Fun Facts – Part 2

It’s the continuation of the fun fact blog series! If you want to read Part 1 of the series, CLICK HERE. I hope you enjoy!

Study Abroad

I studied abroad the summer before my senior year of college and it was the greatest experience I could have ever dreamed of! I studied Civil Engineering and went abroad to Trieste, Italy to spend part of the summer studying 2 engineering classes. While there I made 20+ new friends and traveled all over Italy, Austria, Croatia, Slovenia, Germany, Spain and Greece. Having professors that were from the area and knew all the best places to go made it feel like we were more locals than just tourists. We spent our nights along the beach and our weekends traveling. We hiked, saw caves and castles, explored museums and churches, took a lot of train rides, consumed too much gelato, bought out all the fans from a local store, lived on espresso, ate the most incredible food, watched the sunset every night, went island hopping in Croatia, paddle boarding in Spain and Austria, saw the ancient ruins, lived in hostels and went to the highest point in each city to see the best views. It was an unforgettable experience that I wish everyone could have in their lifetime. If you ever get the opportunity to study abroad, DO IT! I know it’s expensive, but it’s worth every penny. I worked all throughout college and saved up plus sold some of my belongings to fully pay for my trip and I would do it all again in a heartbeat. If I could make it happen so can you. Just go for it!

I grew up in Waco

I grew up in Waco, Texas, the city now known for the Magnolia empire. I moved there when I was a little over a year old and have 2 much older sisters, one who is married and has a family and the other who is special needs and lives with my mom. Despite being from Waco, I still have yet to visit Magnolia even though it is on the list! I was a huge Baylor fan growing up but when it came time to deciding on universities, I decided to go experience living in a different city instead.


I grew up playing tennis most of my life. I literally lived and breathed the sport. We spent our nights under the lights of the Baylor tennis courts and our weekends traveling to tournaments all over Texas from the 4th – 12th grade. Early on in high school, I started teaching group lessons and summer camps and started teaching private tennis lessons my junior and senior year. I actually picked tennis back up and started teaching private lessons again my junior and senior year of college until I graduated and moved to Houston.

Anna Kendrick

Ever since the first Pitch Perfect came out my freshman year of college, I have been told on an almost weekly basis that I look like Anna Kendrick. In college, it would be a daily occurrence where random people would stop me on campus while walking to class and comment how much I looked like Anna. I still laugh to this day when I get the question “Has anyone ever told you that you look like Anna Kendrick?” at almost every single wedding I photograph.

Trading Spaces Family

Back in 2005, my family and I were on Trading Spaces Family on TLC where we swapped houses with family friends who lived down the street and flipped a room in each others homes. Even though I was young, it was a very memorable experience. The cast and crew were incredible and it was interesting experiencing the show behind the scenes compared to what is shown on television.

First image is of woman sitting on the edge of a kitchen island in an orange sweater and jeans and the second image is of same woman sitting on floor and hugging knee with other hand in hair in front of a white brick wall at 201 Lofthaus

November 21, 2023