12 Items to Include In Your Bridal Details Box

My favorite way to start the wedding day is with DETAILS! I like to photograph bridal details in a way that matches and showcases the style of the entire wedding day. Therefore, the details are the first items to set the stage for the look of the wedding and I love having ample time to stylize and shoot everything from the dress, to the jewelry, to those family heirlooms!

Since I start with details upon arrival, I highly recommend putting your flat lay items together in a box or bag prior to your wedding day. We all know how crazy those bridal suites can get and the last thing you want is your MOH running around trying to gather up all the items while you are finishing up your hair and makeup. While there is a huge variety of items you can include in your details box, below are some suggestions of the most important items to include.

  1. Rings – both wedding bands and engagement ring
  2. Perfume
  3. Shoes
  4. Full invitation suite
  5. Vows or letters to each other
  6. Garter
  7. Earrings, necklace, bracelet or any other jewelry
  8. Hair piece
  9. Family heirlooms
  10. School/class rings
  11. Special ring boxes
  12. Bridal veil – I love to use the veil for flat lays but don’t physically include in the box

Flowers make flay lays a thousand times better! Along with your bouquet and boutonnieres, I highly recommend asking your florist to set aside any extra flowers or scraps to use for your details. Trust me, it makes a huge difference! Along with flowers, set aside extras of any ribbons or decorative items that you use throughout your wedding day. Those items will help tie in your flat lays to the style of your wedding day.

The last thing is don’t overcomplicate it! If you don’t have most of the items listed above, don’t worry! These are just suggestions of items you can include in enhance your flat lay details. I also bring along styling mats, ribbons, ring boxes, decorative dishes and more with me to every wedding day. I have a huge variety of items that will fit every color palette so don’t worry about needing to bring a ring box or anything else if you don’t already have one!

First image is a flat lay of invitation with flowers, bridal shoes, perfume, necklace, earrings and wedding rings and second image is wedding rings stacked on wedding invitation with flowers behind them.

November 14, 2023