The Lumen Room Houston Branding Minis

The Lumen Room is one of my all time favorite studios! In Houston, they offer 2 different rooms to choose from so I used their Lifestyle studio for these fall branding and headshot minis. I love the trimming detail along the white wall, the light colored floors and all the furniture they have to offer. They have a variety of chairs, stools and couches plus decorative items like plants and rugs to use any way you want. There are also two entire walls of windows that let in ample light, it truly is a natural light photographers dream space! They also have a textured black wall that we made sure to utilize as well to give everyone a large variety in their galleries.

These branding minis included real estate agents, photographers and home flippers. We made the most out of our 20 minutes together to capture a variety of images for everyone to use in their businesses, whether that be for social media, marketing items or their websites.

I absolutely love studio branding sessions and The Lumen Room is the perfect clean slate! Interested in booking a branding or headshot session? Be sure to reach out HERE! I can’t wait to meet you!

First image is woman standing in fitted black dress with hand on hip and smiling in Lumen Room studio in Houston. Second image is of the same woman sitting leaning on the arm of the green couch and resting chin on hand and smiling with white wall behind her in Lumen Room.

November 7, 2023